Join Us in Building a Great Company with Awesome People

Be part of our talented, energetic, and passionate team creating unique software solutions and providing exceptional services to our valued customers.

Our Culture, People, and Products Help Us Stand Out from The Competition


Success cannot be achieved without the right people. Our people are excellent at what they do and value challenging work in a supportive and trustworthy environment


Work product matters, where you work does not.

Visual SKUs has a distributed workforce with an office in Toronto, Canada, a photography studio in Taylor, Michigan, and employees and contractors in offices around the globe.

Pulling in the same direction.

Visual SKUs teams – sales, marketing, support, development – are involved in different activities yet the entire company shares common goals and objectives.

Trust and support.

At Visual SKUs, we trust the ability, expertise, and drive of our people to achieve goals and overcome challenges. Each person is supported by their team and management.


Without great products, people and culture may not be enough to realize success. At Visual SKUs, we focus on making products that are unique and solve real problems for our customers.

“I have been with Visual SKUs since it was an idea. Our people are great to work with. Our products and services are unique. And the culture is innovative and supportive. Perfect fit for me.”

Patrick Weilmeier

VP of Marketing

“Visual SKUs is a close-knit team and a pleasure to work with. It’s exciting to be part of a company that is consistently evolving with the needs of our customers.”

Paul Massingill

Manager of Operations, Services

“I joined Visual SKUs in 2010 and since then, have been able to build a small team and a solid SaaS product.  I enjoy getting up for work everyday, and look forward to continuing to develop our product and grow my team.”

Ian McNabb


Available Positions

Product Photographer – Freelance / Contractor

Are you a freelance photographer with extensive experience with tabletop product photography? Are you looking to add another quality client to your business? If so, this opportunity is for you.

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